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Welcome to JENuine Nutrition!

Hi, my name is Jennifer Jones, but most people call me Jen...hence JENuine Nutrition. 😊

I am the founder of JENuine Nutrition, where I teach you how to eat and use food as medicine, so you can naturally heal your body, lose weight and break free from the crazy diets and extreme exercises.

Here you learn how to beat the cravings, naturally increase your energy, reduce your stress and get the motivation you need to make it a true lifestyle

So, if you're tired of going in circles and looking for answers on how to live a more balanced, healthier and happier life, you're in the right place!

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Food & Pantry Essentials Checklist

When it comes to meal planning and prepping, knowing what to stock your pantry and fridge with should not be a hassle or an expensive task. 

That’s why I created my Food & Pantry Essentials Checklist to be your guide so healthy meal prep can be a breeze during your busy schedule or whenever you’re on a tight budget.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] 5 Principles of Intentional & Intuitive Nutrition

If you're new to Intuitive Nutrition, these are my 5 Steps to Intentional and Intuitive Nutrition to help you stop yo-yo dieting and create a healthier relationship with food. 

7-Day Holistic Mind & Body Reboot

Need a reboot after the past few years?!

Get your mind & body right with a fresh new start during this 7-Day Holistic Mind & Body Reboot! 

No special food or ingredients needed!

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